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Automatic Clamping Car Wireless Charger Air Vent Mount Phone Holder

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Applicable Model:Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 2/Note20/S22/S21/S20/iPhone13/12/11 XS Max
Working Power 5W, 7.5W, 10W,15W Max
Standard Qi 1.2.4
Input 9V / 2A, 5V / 2A
Output 9V / 1.2A, 5V / 1A
Input Port USB-C
Working Distance <=6MM
Working Frequency 110-205KHz
Chargering Efficiency 70%
Working Temperature -20~45℃
Auto Sensor Type FOD sensor or Infrared sensor for choose
Protection FOD( Foreign Object Detection), Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection(80℃)
Certificate KC: R-R-1tn-S1
Product Material ABS, Rubber coating finishing
Product Color Black
LED LOGO Color Blue or White for choose, OEM color MOQ3K
Phone Size Max 175mm, Min 130mm
Product Size 151*85*65mm
Product Weight 164g
Package Weight 416.5g

  • INTELLIGENT RECOGNITION: Built-in Tesla smart induction coil, designed to transmit the current signal to the motor through the current signal when the vehicle holder detects that there is a device staying, and drive the clip until it is firmly tightened, when you need to remove the phone, just gently press and hold the button below to open(The arms will automatically open after 3 seconds after power on)
  • WIRELESS FAST CHARGE: When the device successfully uses QI wireless charging, the green light below will light up. When it is abnormal, the built-in chip system will automatically turn on the phone protection, and the system will turn on a red light and automatically cut off the current. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the invisible dangers of the device due to short circuits, overheating, and overcurrent, thereby extending the phone’s Service life.
  • MULTIPLE CHOICES: When designing this wireless car charger bracket, we provide three installation methods: air outlet/windshield/ instrument panel. Whether you are on a mountain off-road or city track, its excellent adhesion will become your best in different scenes loyal partners, at the same time, it also defines that CENMASO will provide more convenience and security for digital life.
  • STAY SAFE AND STABLE: In the driving process, when the inferior car mount is used and the stability is not enough to affect the driver’s attention, we have added environmentally-friendly rubber pads to the arm of the car mount and the air outlet clip to enhance safety and stability, and at the same time make The phone free from scratches, thereby reducing routine maintenance, It has a 360-degree multi-angle adjustment to meet your different implementation requirements.
  • COMPATIBLE MODELS: Samsung Galaxy Fold 3/ Samsung Galaxy Fold 2/ Samsung Galaxy Fold/Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series etc and so smartphones that support QI wireless charging (open size: 6.88 in/ closed size: 5.23in)